integrated cold chain solutions

Moving cargo of imported fruits to the refrigerated chamber

Built on global standards, and backed by decades old experience in temperature-controlled logistics, we offer you a trustworthy solution helping you build that quintessential bond with your customers.

Cold chain trade is a complex world on account of the sensitivity, limited life span, multitude of products, varieties, customized requirements, and a long journey across climates and geographies. These are the very reasons we believe that anyone who is in the business of temperature-controlled cargo is truly in the business of Trust. At APM Terminals Inland Services, South Asia, we understand the complexities and granularities of these products as well as the farm-to-fork supply chain. Our facilities and services are designed to be the harbinger of enhanced efficiencies and successful business relationships. Helping you forge a bond of trust with your customers and consumers.


The integrated cold chain solutions portfolio

  • Multi-temperature, multi-commodity cold storage facilities
  • Domestic and Bonded cargo storage
  • Transportation (Domestic and Port) of temperature-controlled cargo from cold storage to sea ports, airports and last-mile delivery
  • Value-added-services like packaging, labelling, break bulk and blast freezing
  • Ease of customs inspection and clearance of cargo including on-wheel clearance
  • Reefer placement
  • Reefer pre-cooling
  • Cargo stuffing

Advantage APM Terminals Inland Services

  • A truly integrated solution : With the portfolio of services ranging from transportation, warehousing, container services, value-added-services and fulfilling of customs documentation and activities, we offer a one-stop solution to our customers
  • Benefit from the lineage attached to the global brand AP Moller- Maersk for global standards, knowhow, compliance and safety
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure catering to all ranges of desired temperatures : Blast Freezers, Chillers, Cooling Chambers, temperature-controlled Dock area and Ante room